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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Notes To All Customers

Dear all,

There have been recent *spam* messages on my chat box in this blog.

Honestly, I do not know who is this lady as unable to find her contacts in my customers list, whom she claimed to have purchased a used item from me & calling me dishonest.

For all my regular customers and repeated customers, I'm pretty sure and positive that you are able to judge whether :

Am I honest?
Am I the one whom will sell *USED* items?

For receipt issues, I will definitely provide receipts if we get it from the outlet or store.
However, usually during good sales period, high chance of not able to get the individual receipts as the SA (Sales Assistant) will not be able to key-in items by items, cash each item at a time, etc etc. Which will result in delaying & forming long Q in the counter.

Also, please take note that Kate Spade online are not giving us any gift receipts for online orders.

As a result, I will not be able to produce any gift receipts if we're not given by the respective stores.

Further to that, Bagsshopper has decided that only will host open house sales to all regulars & repeated customers only. Invitations will be via email & sms. Will not post any details here as *I DO NOT WISH TO INVITE THOSE TROUBLE MAKERS TO MY HOUSE, WHICH WILL AFFECT MY FAMILY*.

For those whom I invited, you are welcome to bring along your friends, but please register with bagsshopper after received any Invitation Email/SMS.

Thanks & Hope to provide my best service and best price to All.



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